Cranes Records


Since 2012, record label Cranes Records combines artistic experiments with the music industry by mainly releasing art prints or small-run pressings. It maintains a firm curatorial line in order to respect artist or collaborator’s image, while staying cohesive with the aesthetic of the label’s catalog.

Conceived and directed by the same artist duo, Cranes Factory is the house that now brings together a creative agency, a label and an art gallery. So, Cranes Studio and Cranes Gallery were created in extension of Cranes Records, defending the same issues of quality and artistic collaboration.

The label is part of the heritage of other labels such as Factory Records with a singular position in relation to the music it publishes: cult and history of the disc-object, artistic stakes of minimalism and appropriation of images, illustration of music with conceptual pieces, collaborations with other artists, manual interventions, etc. This spirit of openness to the fields of art is combined with a cold aesthetic line and a cold musical selection.