May 30, 2018

On May 13, 2013, we released Tokkoubana, the first album of Seventeen At This Time. To mark its 5 years, we reissue a very limited version with two test pressings, including an alternative engraving, and the case still includes the origami cover with CD.

In Japanese legend, the Tokkoubana (literally tokkou: flower, and bana: suicide) is the golden flower that kamikaze planes seemed to dump on the path of their future impact. This flower exists beyond this symbolism.

Tokkoubana vinyl edition is an object that unfolds in 3 dimensions. There is a ritual in the opening experience where the folding is inspired by a noshi (folding traditionally containing an offering to a close person, encouragement or congratulation). The origami on the cover is the literal expression of a kamikaze plane, the yellow trail represents a trail of flowers, and the carved round reveals a red sun evoking the Japanese flag. The theme of the flower brought with their first EP is expressed with a flowery kamon (inspired by Japanese family emblems), a red CD recalls the sun and the vinyl is packaged in a macule held by a golden seal.