In 2013, Dani Shivers started solo with Jinx (Cranes Records 11) a trilogy which she presents in 2015 the second part: Syzygy. This name actually designates the moments of conjunction or opposition of the moon and the sun, and thus the periods of new moon or full moon (expressed by the alignment of the embroidery present on the disc's visual).

The illustration shows a form of handmade geometry that matches the sound of Syzygy, where Dani Shivers exploits a more raw, electronic and personal way of doing things. The name of the album inspires a representation on an astronomical scale while the approach of the artist is clarified and simplified, the embroidery rectifies this scale while respecting the graphic chart applied to the trilogy records (black theme and cult of circle).

Release Date : November 23, 2015
Cranes Records 15
12' Vinyl
Limited edition .../300