Harry Howard And The NDE


Harry Howard’s musical career began in the same fertile punk rock music environment that gave birth to The Boys Next Door, The Young Charlatans and the Teenage Radio Stars. A couple of years later Howard followed the same path taken previously by many of his contemporaries, including his elder brother Rowland, who asked Harry to help him play on his solo project, which would be christened subsequently These Immortal Souls.

Now, with two years of shows beneath him with his first LP Near Death Experience, here is the new album: Pretty. Pretty signifies a shift in Harry’s outlook. Artistically the band has focused on moving forward by broadening the soundscape and mood. Still cherishing the down and out and retaining his old man’s wit, Harry has also allowed himself room for more serious factual reports. Thus we get experiential pop about love, lust, paranoia, gods, devils and monsters.

Harry Howard is an Australian musician, bassist for Crime And The City Solution and These Immortal Souls (two groups also featuring his older brother, Rowland S. Howard). He has also been guitarist for Pink Stainless Tail for many years.

Harry now runs his own band with Harry Howard And The NDE as a singer and guitarist. The group also includes Edwina Preston, author of The Inheritance of Ivory Hammer (UQP 2012) on choirs, an Acetone organ and a Stylophone, Clare Moore on drums and Dave Graney on bass. They've played a lot in Melbourne and around since 2011 and released the album Near Death Experience, on Spooky Records in 2012. In 2013 and 2014, they released their second LP Pretty on Spooky Records, Cranes Records and Beast Records.