Blue Sky / Grey Heaven RELEASE The Acharis will release
its second album on November
Jesus Thrill VIDEO The Acharis are offering
the vision of a new song
The Acharis SIGNATURE Cranes Records
new signature
Land / Islands RELEASE Onoda finally unveals
its first album
Islands 2020 VIDEO CLIP Video clip of first extract
from Onoda LP
Funtastic RELEASE A fantastic
first album
Hologram : Hypersex RELEASE First extract and release of new
White Night Ghosts EP
Safety Crash VIDEO CLIP Video clip of first extract
from Tapeworms LP
Land SINGLE First single extract from
Lands/Islands by Onoda
Where You Are RELEASE First vinyl single of
Where You Are
Una secta basada en ti RELEASE Dani Shivers unveil an EP
entirely in Spanish
Half Ghost RELEASE New album from Dani Shivers
on a very special edition
Trilogy RELEASE Dani Shivers trilogy
in a limited box
Land LIVE SESSION Onoda's first extract
on live session
Suddenlines VIDEO CLIP Clip extracted from the first LP
of The History Of Colour TV
Spectres VIDEO Spectres vinyl
plant process
Choucoune Apshyxiate Repeat VIDEO CLIP New single video
from Spectres
Emerald Cures Chic Ills RELEASE Reedition of the first album
from History Of Colour TV
Choucoune Asphyxiate Repeat RELEASE Spectres presents a new single
after two years of waiting
Enfermos Mentales RELEASE Dani Shivers reveals a
video for her new single
Arrebenta RELEASE Dani Shivers reveals a
video for her new single
Bones RELEASE X-ray records for
Seventeen At This Time
Refusenik TEASING The founder of The December Sound
reveals a new project
Tokkoubana RELEASE Test pressings edition
with alternative cut
Cranes Factory HOUSE Cranes is getting bigger with
an agency and a gallery
Villette Sonique EVENT Cranes Records to the
Village Label
Petit Bain Forever EVENT The end of a
love story
Saudade Forever RELEASE Official release of
The Dead Mantra LP
6 Years ANNIVERSARY A free sampler to celebrate
6 years of activity

Ossuaire RELEASE Official release of
La Peste LP
Home Is Where The Heart Is RELEASE Seventeen At This Time
presents his third LP
Discomaton EVENT Vinyl live engraving on cutting
machine VANROCK E-101
Wreck RELEASE A concrete record for the single
of The History Of Colour TV
Red Bull Music for Dani Shivers LIVE Dani Shivers invited
to the RBMA 2016 in Montréal