The History Of Colour TV


"First as a conceptual audio-visual project, The History Of Colour TV was created by Jaike Stambach in 2010. After relocating to Berlin and releasing a string of cassette-only Noise EPs and videos, the project soon evolved into a full band line-up. The music underwent a slow but radical change, gradually incorporating dark, dreamy pop and abrasive electronic soundscapes.

With a rawer edge, fusing strategically sparse layers of guitars and reverb over cymbal-less drums and bass-heavy riffs, the vocals are clear-cut and advance solitarily through the flowing sound, creating a sonic language that is as upfront as it is dreamy. Songs meander, build and collapse in unpredictable ways, mirroring the dual nature of their potent lyrical content, in which extremes of light and darkness co-exist and interchange with unsettling ease." -