Human Range PHOTO & VIDEO Portraits and female gaze
of Ludovica Anzaldi on i-D
Brahim VIDEO & PHOTO Fashion editorial with
Brahim Ibraseli
Déjà-vu VIDEO Aftermovie of Dure Vie
night at the Yoyo
BAAM Festival VIDEO Teasers and report for the festival
dedicated for migrants in France
Mémoires Sonores DESIGN Conception du disque pour
la pièce sonore d'Olivier Lasson
Strange Games VIDEO Music video for Rupture
and James The Prophet
Released Youth PHOTO Fashion portraits of
6 volunteer women
association's festival
Wolfpack for Lomepal VIDEO
Paco Rabanne 1970 VIDEO & MUSIC Paco Rabanne show around the
swimming pool of Vouvray in 1970
Oktober Lieber LIVE VIDEO Release Party in Petit
Bain (Paris) for Kongfuzi
Ghost In The Shell DESIGN Design of the first official reissue
of Ghost In The Shell's OST
Super Garçon VIDEO Video clip for Super
Garçon by Zuukou Mayzie
Outlaw VIDEO Launch video for
the fashion agency
Sonic Ornaments IDENTITY Identity of the
sound design studio
Ricko VIDEO Video clip of
Eske by Ricko
Sonic Ornaments MUSIC Sonic Ornaments for
Andrea Crews PFW SS19
Mojo Risin VIDEO Video creation at service
of Paris fashion week
Supersonic VIDEO Creation of video content
for the Supersonic in Paris
Crezia for Novembre PHOTO Crezia Micallef photographs
for Novembre Magazine
Polygondwanaland DESIGN Design of King Gizzard
& The Lizard Wizard's LP
Tramé IDENTITY Logo &
promotional video
Nowow Look VIDEO A filming collaboration between
Nowow and Cranes Studio
Tijuana Teens PHOTO A photograph documentation
of teenagers from Tijuana
Lively, Restless ART COVER Cover of The Blue Mountain
Expansion's first LP
Les Promesses du sol MUSIC Music of "Les Promesses du sol"
by Raphael Stora
Xiang, Ride in Nice VIDEO Portrait of Xiang Li
traveling in Nice
After Art Infrathins VINYL ENGRAVING 7 inches vinyls engraving
with Vanrock E-101
Cranes Records ARTISTIC DIRECTION Cranes Records label
artistic direction